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Welcome to our Free Slots site, having spent years playing slot games online we decided the time was right to share some of our knowledge with you! As such we have packed this site with valuable information that we hope will not only improve your online slot play but also give you that winning edge.

We are going to stick to three of the most well known online casino software companies games, these being Microgaming, Real Time Gaming and Novomatic/Greentube, the reason for choosing these three is that not only are all of their casino slots and games certified as both fair and completely random but between them they allow and accept most worldwide players so no matter where you are from in the world you should be able to enjoy playing the slots of at least one of the software companies games if not all three of them.

Being a slot player you are probably more aware than most people about the randomness of the game which is part of the excitement of playing them as you never really know when that big win will spin in, however there are plenty of ways to play free slots using many strategies and playing hints and tips that can increase your chances of winning and we have plenty of them listed for you within our site.

Free Online Slots – where to play

Many slot players will remember where they first started playing slot machines, whether it was as a child on holiday at a seaside amusement arcade or as an adult in a pub or club, or perhaps it was on your very first visit to a casino, whenever it was you probably got bitten by the slot playing bug and have been playing them at Golden Tiger Casino (Mobile) on and off ever since.

It is true to say that slot machine playing can be quite a solitary experience, with most players prefer to happily sit there and take on the game one on one, however when a jackpot lines up and all hell breaks loose with bels and whistles the majority of players are quite happy for their slot playing session to become a much more public event!

There is what is known as a savvy or professional type of slot player and it is he or she who is always on the look out for ways of ensuring they are getting the best value and returns from their slot playing, they rarely leave the decision on which slot machines to play purely to chance and we shall take a look at how they choose which slot game to play and why.

Choosing Which Slot To Play

Whilst on the face of it each machine may look similar, well the cabinets they are in look the same however with their being many different slot game themes choosing which one to play can be part of the fun, perhaps you like Elvis if so then an Elvis themed slot would be the one you head too, or maybe you are a fan of Monopoly, if this is the game then the plethora of different Monopoly slots will appeal to you.

However the player who is looking to walk away a winner will look at several factors when choosing which slot game to sit down and play, they look at things such as the slot payout percentages and try and stick to those with the best returns, understanding slot game RTP’s is another way players choose which slots to stick to playing.

You will know doubt have seen the slot machines at the Zodiac Casino which offer massive jackpots which grow and grow until won and probably have thought that your chances of winning on these are minimal, however there is a good time to play progressive slots and we will reveal when exactly this is to increase your chances of actually bagging that top prize.

Having a slot playing strategy is another way players will try and lock in a profit and limit their losses when playing slots both online slots and offline slots and we shall inform you of one such way to control your slot playing budget. We have also got some slot playing hints and tips to tell you about so make sure you have a good look around!

Increasing You Winning Chances

There are of course plenty of ways to increase your slot playing bankroll and these are via things such as slot playing bonuses as well as being able to earn slot game comps in both land based bricks and mortar casinos, however there can be lots of other ways to boost up your chances of winning.

Many players will stick rigidly to new slot games in the hope that their payout percentages have been increased due to the slots being new and unseen before, however some players have discovered the joys and benefits of playing in slot tournaments and knowing when to play them and how can make the difference between winning a decent cash prize and walking away without a bean!

Some players have dissected the slot game reel symbols and have worked on on average when bonus games should trigger and will build a playing strategy around this information, and it has to be said some actually have a good success rate by doing this however it can be time consuming but also very rewarding to do just that.

Play Slot Games To Win

You will probably hear people say that slot playing should be looked at as a form of entertainment that you are paying to enjoy, however playing to win should be something you aim to do whenever you sit down to play, aimlessly throwing your money into the coin slot is not going to be fun if you haven’t a clue what you are doing or aiming for.

So the next time you sit down to play be forewarned and forearmed with the valuable slot playing information revealed within our site, then you can have a decent chance of actually walking away from the slot machines with more money than you started with, which is the true aim of any slot player.

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